Ashes and Gold — A World´s Journey — 13 May to 19 August 2012

The exhibition contrasts two art materials, which could hardly be more different. Gold, which has always been treasured for its magnificent splendour and unchanging value, is set against ash, a substance which constitutes the end product of a destructive process that transforms materials and serves as a symbol of transience. In the exhibited drawings, paintings, sculptures, films and installations, these two materials, both highly charged with cultural meaning, can be experienced aesthetically in many ways. Several of the impressive installations were created expressly for the exhibition in Museum Schloss Moyland.  
The exhibition comprises about 50 works of contemporary and modern art, including those by internationally acclaimed artists such as Joseph Beuys, James Lee Byars, Marcel Broodthaers, Rebecca Horn, Anish Kapoor, Yves Klein, Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol. Current artistic positions find expression in works by Paolo Chiasera, Anja Ciupka, Luka Fineisen, Gereon Krebber and Claudia Wieser, among others.

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