Candida Höfer. Düsseldorf

For the first time, Museum Kunstpalast is showing an overview exhibition of Candida Höfer, comprising approximately 70 works created exclusively in Düsseldorf in the course of 40 years. The presentation includes large-scale individual works, work groups, projections and an early film by the artist, which she shot jointly with Tony Morgan in the Düsseldorf ice cream parlour Da Forno in 1975. Most of the works have never been shown to the public.

Candida Höfer’s work is closely linked with the city of Düsseldorf. It was here where her first solo exhibition was staged in a gallery, and here she came across new and very different motifs time and again ever since she began to study with Bernd Becher at the Academy of Art.

“Düsseldorf“ stands for beginnings. But it is not only about the work of that time, “Düsseldorf” also shows the ways in which I work today. So it is about work back then and work today. It is about change. (Candida Höfer)

Candida Höfer’s oeuvre is characterised by cool objectivity, a keen interest in structures and order in public spaces, and by a precise grasp of details. Apart from large-scale interiors, such as the Düsseldorf opera Deutsche Oper am Rhein and Schauspielhaus theatre, or the photographs of the interiors of a number of art institutions, such as Museum Kunstpalast or the Julia Stoschek Collection, the exhibition also shows pictures from her first photographic series Turks in Germany.

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