This somewhat singular-looking bird is very commonly known as tha Grosbeak, French Grosbeak, and Haw Grosbeak. As this last name indicates, the bill is large and powerful, and this circumstance, in conjuction with the fact that its food consist largely of haw-berris, at once explains the name that has been given ti it. 
The Hawfinch is both a resident in and a visitor to this country — that is to say, it stays in some parts all the year round, whilst other localities it visits only at the beginning of winter, to leave again in the following early spring. 
It is, or has been, met with in nearly all the principal counties of England, and is also said to be seen every year in the hawthorns of the famous Phoenix Park at Dublin. In Scotland also it is occasionally observed. Amongst European countries, it is found in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Italy, and sometimes, though much more rarely, in Sweden, Denmark, and Russia.

Familiar wild birds / by W. Swaysland 

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